Remodeling and Home Design
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Architectural Services


You can hire a little or a lot of me depending on your budget. The process begins in the same way.

New Homes
My architectural services range from a few hours of consulting up to providing full construction documents. With the expertise attained in designing over 50 homes, my "full services" will get you the best product possible, with the least amount of worry and stress. Site planning, schematic design and lighting are the most important elements in the design of a new home. These elements are key to getting the most out of your budget and ensuring the overall esthetic of your dream home.

Remodeling & Additions
Remodeling, and designing additions, pose unique problems that benefit from my experience in having done over 400 of these projects. I often solve design problems without the need for new space, thus saving overall costs. Kitchens are especially complex and the depth of my experience brings all the details together in an overall design solution.

Architecture 911
I can fix problem areas of your home so they function better. I can also critique a plan that you received from a builder or draftsperson that you are not quite sure about. A few hours with an experienced residential architect, like myself, will be well worth your time.

Cluster Housing
Rural land planning on large acreages can be confusing with all the zoning codes and costs. Roger Tomten and I were some of the pioneers of cluster housing design in Washington County. We can analyze your situation and show you creative options for an affordable price before you start paying expensive surveyors and engineers.


Here are some of the things I can do to help make your project a success:

SA Site Analysis
  • Identify utilities, check zoning, review legal survey and property lines
  • Study contours, soils, solar, trees, views, tree map
SD Schematic Design
  • Discuss needs, wants and dreams of clients
  • Budget review
  • Integrate design ideas with site and look at optional concept plans
  • Draw out workable solution @ 1/8” scale plans, elevations, section
DD Design Development
  • Integrate structure, heating, plumbing, electrical
  • Proceed to 1/4” scale and release preliminary blueprints
  • Contact and help interview builders
  • Conduct ongoing square foot cost analysis
CD Construction Documents
  • Complete working drawings and detailing
  • Site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, specs and electricals
  • HVAC, cabinetry, structural engineering, consulting
  • Final client review, check set, final printing
BID Bidding and Negotiating
  • Distribution of prints, review bids
  • Review construction cost
  • Make revisions as needed to attain budget
CO Construction Observation
  • Review project schedule
  • Visit site to observe construction
  • Discuss completion / move in date