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Green Architecture


My experience with "green architecture" began back during the 1970's energy crisis, long before it became a buzzword. I received an honor's degree in Environmental Design from the University of MN where I helped build a wind generator. Throughout my career, I have developed expertise in planning and installing:

  • passive solar
  • geothermal heating & cooling
  • PV solar w/inverters & battery backup
  • advanced framing & insulating techniques
  • natural cooling & ventilation
  • green roofs

I strongly believe one of the most important "green" principles I employ is to reduce the actual square footage of a house during the planning phase while keeping the design "feeling" open and sunny. My clients have documented that their heating and cooling costs are quite a bit less when compared to similar sized homes.

Tod Drescher Architecture, LLC has been a leader in the use of geothermal heating and cooling. Learn more about geothermal in this informative geothermal video featuring system installers and architect, Tod Drescher.

One of my clients has created an interesting website describing the process of building a 'green' home. They call their home Greenhaven.